Monday, December 12, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I know that I have not posted in over two weeks but it has been crazy busy with house hunting, school, work, and of course the wedding! But, we are on the countdown and Wedding Week is officially here!!! 5 days until the big day! I will post more about our new home later but this post is about a wedding tradition that many brides do.

Thought I would share my special little bridal details! I recommend that brides do this tradition. It's fun and something that you will always remember and hopefully will be able to share and pass down.

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Something Old:We are still deciding but it will be something of my Moms.
Something New: Beaded Hair Comb
Something Borrowed: Garter
Something Blue: Wedding Date Stitched
Silver Six Pence In Her Shoe: From Nana & Mom

 Something New: My beaded hair comb.

Something Borrowed: This was the garter Zack's Mom wore when she married his dad! The lace is from her Grandmother's wedding dress!

Something Blue: My Grand is going to stitch our wedding date with blue thread at the bottom of my dress.

A silver sixpence in the bride's shoe represents wealth and financial security. It may date back to a Scottish custom of a groom putting a silver coin under his foot for good luck. For optimum fortune, the sixpence should be in the left shoe. My Nana actually has a six pence she received from her great aunt who went to England and brought it back for her. My Nana wore it in her shoe when she was married and my Mom also used the same six pence in her shoe when she married my dad!

I love this bridal tradition and am so happy with all of my something's! They are truly special and unique. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Vintage Bridal Shower

Today was my bridal shower and I have to say it was one of the cutest, most thought of and creative decorated showers I have seen! My Aunt Tammy and Best Friend/Bridesmaid Lindsay threw my shower today and they put a lot of thought into it with "little details" which is me and I love. 

My shower was at Trinity Baptist Church's The Source on Main Street in Ada and I totally recommend them if you want to have a get-together, shower, etc. It's unique, decorated cute, and they are really great people to work with.
The Source: 730 E. Main

This was one of the tables! I LOVED the vintage decor!!!
 Aunt Tammy's tree she made!
 Lindsay and her Mom made this mail box and Aunt Tammy made "marriage advice notes" filled out by the guests! I loved this idea and will cherish these homemade gifts forever! 
 Bridal Shower Guests :)

Opening Gifts

This was from Zack's Mom! It was a quilt made by her Grandma when Zack was born with all the hands of her Mom, Her, Grandma's, Zack's Dad, Papa, and Zack's baby hands and feet! So special! :)

The Teapot is from Nana. Funny story behind this special gift is that when I was little, Nana and Papa went on a trip to England and brought this back from Canterbury because Nana collects teapots. I fell in love with it and put my name on a piece of paper inside of it and told Nana that if she ever passed this was the only thing I wanted and she gave it to me today! One of the most precious gifts and I absolutely love it, Nana!

Thank you Lindsay and Aunt Tammy! I ADORED my shower! :)

I absolutely loved all of our gifts we received from everyone and I appreciate all who came to celebrate with us! It meant the world to me and I can't wait to see all of you at our wedding!!! It's only 3 weeks away!!! :) xoxo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping Trip to Texas: The Day We Found My Dress =)

This past weekend we went to look for my dress. Considering the wedding is only a few weeks away, you can only imagine how stressed I was at the beginning of this trip. My Nana, Mom, Maid of Honor Kolbie, and Bridesmaid Lindsay went to Texas and met Grand at this outlet in Denton. I was praying I didn't have to settle on the dresses there because they all weighed about 30 pounds and looked like the were from the 1800's. I did find one that I would have been happy with but we thought it would be wise to check David's Bridal just to make sure that they didn't have anything that I liked more. We got lost at least 10 times just trying to find this place and words to the wise: Don't try to use three different GPS systems at the same time. 

It must have been a God thing because when we got there the first thing we saw was the sign out front that had SALE on it. We looked throughout the store and finally got in to get a room. I picked out a few that I liked and started to get discouraged because nothing was fitting the way I liked and once again I hate dresses that weigh 50 pounds. I had my mind set on trying one more on and then we were going back to Denton to get the other gown. I tried it on and immediately it felt perfect and it was "The Dress." Once Grand zipped me up and looked at it she said that this was it. Everyone loved it and guess what? It didn't need altered and was on sale and cheaper than the other one!!! Best news we had heard all day! I tried on a few veils and found one that has the same bead work as my dress and I love it. I feel like a princess and the dress is me. Chiffon material, strapless, ivory in color, vintage overlay, and beading around the top with a small train. I got to ring this bell for finding the dress and got to take the dress home with me!!! :) I will have to wear heels during the ceremony but for the reception I am going to wear my silver glitter TOMS. It is perfect.

Since we were there waiting, I had Kolbie and Lindsay try on some bridesmaids dresses and they found one they liked! Strapless, knee length, satin, and it came in champagne!!! We got those ordered and it was a complete stress relief! They are adorable and I also got my gown preservation box there as well. All in all it was a great day and since I bought my dress from there, we were able to get $20 off of each bridesmaids dress! BARGINS!!! 

After the whole dress experience we had some lunch at Outback and then decided it was a good idea to go into Pier 1 and look for some decorations. We bought some vases with stands, red candles, red lanterns, red berries to go in the twig decorations, and some other things I can't even remember. Get Nana & Grand together and they can tear up a Pier 1 Imports. After packing the car as full as we thought we could get it, we went to Hobby Lobby and spent atleast two hours in there buying things for the wedding! And they had sales too! It was definitely the day to shop for the wedding! I got our unity sand set for half off, bought a roll of burlap for table runners, got some more vases & lanterns for 40% off, and a few other things we had gathered up for 40% off as well! We knocked a lot of our to-do list out that day and it felt good! 

After Hobby Lobby, we try to get back to Denton, find a Chick-Fil-A, and get gas and that was probably the most difficult thing we had to do all day. Yes, we got lost......again. Grand got to laughing so hard she couldn't even tell us where we were at. It was one of the funnest days of wedding preparation I've had. We made it home around 12:30 or 1:00 and Linds and I were pooped! I had a blast and I am so thankful I had Grand, Mom, Nana, Linds, and Kolbs with me! I will never forget it! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Engagement Pictures

Her are our engagement pictures we took in October! I LOVE THEM and my Photographer, Courtney Folsom! Click here to view her website and amazing work! I recommend her to anyone! Courtney is one of the most energetic, fun, and positive people you will meet! Her and her husband, Matt, are adopting a baby from Ghana! They have an inspiring story and you can read up on it here. We are also on her photography blog so click here to check us out. :)

We had the funnest time taking pictures, especially trying to get Bear to pose. (Courtney had to make bird noises) I am so excited that she will be able to photograph our wedding. I first saw her wedding work when our friends, Tyler & Kacie Pogue, got married. I fell in love! Here are a few of them. XOXO =)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cinderella for a Night

I actually get to live like Cinderella for the rest of my life, (after she marries Prince Charming of course) but this post is not about the dress or mice turning into horses, its our pumpkin into a carriage! Bill will be chauffeuring us away when we leave in this awesome Carriage!

I am so excited! We are going to put big red bows and lights on it and the pretty blonde horses! Best way to leave don't you think? If only I can get Bill to wear a Santa suit I think it will be very fitting. ;) We will see how that goes. Does anyone know where we can buy battery powered twinkle lights?

Monday, November 14, 2011

We Are Registered At.....

Zack and I have registered at:

The Corner Market (On Main Street in Ada)
Miss Match (On Main Street in Ada)
The Mix (On Main Street in Ada)
Bed Bath & Beyond

If I could register at Anthropologie.....well I wouldn't bother with anywhere else. That's how much I heart this store. But here are a few things that I absolutely want for our home.

 I love the whole gray and yellow color scheme.

 And these sheets.

And towels.

The wedding will be here in 32 days! Happy as a clam! :)

Getting Things Accomplished! YAHOO!

Thank Heaven's for my mother and fiance'. Although we still have a to-do list about a mile long, we did get things checked off yesterday and will be working on it tonight! We made a Sunday afternoon trip to Norman yesterday (I know, Norman....blah.) Just kidding Sooner friends, kind of. :) Anyways, we attacked Sam's and found our clear cups, plates, and forks for super cheap! We got over 200 plates and cups for only $16 dollars! If you plan on any event and will be serving food, check out Sam's first!

We also got some things to make our own mints from Michael's as well as looked for Bridesmaid dresses but still no such luck. Mom found her outfit for the wedding from Dillards and what do you know, it was the first dress she tried on! I picked one out but apparently, to her, it looked like her grandmother's drapes. (MOM PRACTICE WALKING IN YOUR HEELS!!!) :)

I have ordered the sparklers (instead of rice we chose the more dangerous of a send off ) :) and also am ordering my Bridal Shower invitations tonight! :) Can't wait to look for my dress this weekend! (Lookout Texas! Crazy women coming your way)  Well that's about all I have on the checking off of our to-do list for the past two days but we are on a roll!

Does anyone know where I can purchase or rent curly willow branches?

Much love! xoxo